Oct, 21, 2021

The International South-South Research Group ASACHA “Agroecology for the sustainability of aquaculture in a context of global change” held its first COPIL on Monday 27 September 2021.

This organizational and working meeting, held by videoconference, lasted about 2 hours and was attended by 28 participants.


Presentation of the main results of the analysis of the questionnaire ;

Presentation of the results of the analysis of the answers to the questionnaire sent to the partners to present their institution, their profile, their involvement in sustainable aquaculture and their expectations from the ASACHA network.

The analyses of the questionnaires were carried out in collaboration with Kimchhin SOK and Vechetmony TRY (Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development – RUA, Cambodia) and the results presented by J. Slembrouck and J-C Avarre (ASACHA coordinators).

For more details on the results of the analyses, see the Pdf of the COPIL presentation.

Selection of priorities and definition of working groups

  • Registration for the working groups was done via the remote collaboration space (MIRO.com).
  • Following the presentation of the results of the questionnaires and after having collected the opinions of the participants, the following 4 working groups were set up:
  • Members who were unable to attend the COPIL meeting or who were unable to register on the board are asked to position themselves in the groups of their choice by email to [email protected].

For more details on the work groups, see the ASACHA Work groups Pdf.

  • Registration in working groups and selection of “facilitators
  • The appointment of working group leaders, based on a voluntary approach, is underway. 
  • As soon as the “facilitators” are appointed, a Scientific Committee (SC) of the facilitators will be organized.
  • The role of the facilitators and the functioning of the WGs will be clarified during this SC.
  • Proposals for funding action research within the network
  • Proposal by Lucas Fertin (CIRAD) and Delphine Lethimonnier (APDRA) to facilitate a meeting of West African partners at AFRAQ2021 (https://www.was.org/meeting) to organize and plan the direction of research activities to be undertaken.
  • Application for funding to participate in AFRAQ2021 by Paul Mamadou NDOUR, IUPA/UCAD, Senegal.
  • Other applications for funding to participate in AFRAQ2021 can be submitted quickly to [email protected]
  • Other information
  • The opportunity to support funding applications for the World Aquaculture 2020 (WA2020), rescheduled from 5-8 December 2021 at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Unfortunately, the event has been postponed again for another year and has been rescheduled for December 2022